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AllWaysFish fish protection system 

The AllWaysFish offer has been developed in response to a broad need to create and implement solutions dedicated to the protection of fish in their natural environment.

Comercial offer

AllWaysFish offers comprehensive services in the design, manufacture, implementation and post-implementation testing of electrical barriers. We also organize tests verifying the effectiveness of electric barriers.

·      Electric barriers designed for:

o   Blocking fish in hydropower intake channels

o   Blocking fish from entering hydropower outfall channels

o   Directing fish towards fish ladders

o   Targeting of fish to traps (invasive species)

o   Enclosure of areas closed to fish

o   Fencing off areas to which fish should not have access

·       Support for research and development projects using electric fields as a factor in fish behavior.

·       Analysis of the effects of using an electric barrier as a solution for fish protection.

·       Perform monitoring and professional performance evaluation of already installed electrical barriers.

·       Technical reviews and periodic inspections of electrical barriers.