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Innovative solution for fish protection

Electrics barriers technology environmental friendly

elektrownia mała


is a team of professionals who for many years have been creating solutions in the area of new technologies with great success.

We have 15 years of experience and dozens of implementations of electric barriers as systems dedicated to fish protection all over the world. We have participated in numerous researches and tests which allowed us to improve our solutions dedicated to fish protection.

Innovative solutions based on experience

Electric barriers for fish protection in high effectiveness. 

Protection of fauna in the aquatic environment

Protection of fish in hydropower regions by targeting fish ladders. Reducing the spread of invasive fish species in water bodies as care for natural ecosystems.

Protection of hydraulic structures

Protection of hydroelectric power plant turbines and optimization of hydrotechnical facilities operation by minimizing the number and duration of service inspections. Reduction of maintenance costs of facilities.

Ecology in business

Environmentally friendly technology aimed at the protection of natural ecosystems. Protection of technological water intakes. Protection of water reservoirs, ponds and fish farms.

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Experience in the production and installation of modern fish protection barriers with the highest efficiency. Environmentally friendly technology.


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